The beauty of white: exploring the charm of replica Omega’s new Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

Recently, the founder and editor-in-chief of FRATELLO experienced this Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch. His personal experience will lead us to deeply explore the true charm of this watch. From appearance design to functional performance, from material selection to wearing comfort, he will show us all the details and features of this watch, and lead us to fully experience the wearing experience of this highly anticipated moon watch.

Replica Omega Speedmaster Series Professional Moon Dial

Omega said that the design of the white dial was inspired by the extravehicular spacesuits worn by astronauts during extravehicular activities (EVA) such as spacewalks. This white dial not only shows the spirit of technology and exploration, but also reflects the human exploration of the unknown. courage and determination.

The red “Speedmaster” words on the new moon dial are a tribute to the red heat-insulating cover of the Alaska Project I prototype watch, highlighting Omega’s respect for history and commitment to brand heritage. These traces of history and design elements make the new Speedmaster series professional moon dial models even more unique and historically significant.

The long-awaited white dial

Except for the dial and hands, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch White Dial is basically the same as the standard Speedmaster Moonwatch. This watch uses a 42mm case and retains the black anodized aluminum “Dot over 90” bezel, which is one of the iconic designs of the Omega Speedmaster series. In addition, the watch is equipped with the 3861 Master Chronometer chronograph movement, which has high precision and stability. It also has anti-magnetic and waterproof properties, making it very suitable for daily wear and outdoor activities.

stepped dial

The new replica Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is equipped with a white lacquered dial. Its unique feature is that it retains the “stepped” design of the minute track and the ring texture in the small dial. This design highlights Omega’s exquisite craftsmanship in details, making the dial more layered and three-dimensional. Omega chose diamond-polished black PVD hands, which contrast sharply with the white lacquer dial and make the time clearly legible.

The hands are coated with Super-LumiNova, which means that in the dark, these hands will glow green, providing the wearer with convenient time reading. In addition, the dial is also equipped with diamond-polished black PVD hour markers and square Super-LumiNova fluorescent dots. The design of these details not only enhances the beauty of the dial, but also improves the visual effect at night. These characteristics make the new Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch a watch that is both technological and fashionable, demonstrating excellent quality and practicality whether for daily wear or special occasions.

3861 movement

The watch mirror and case back of the new Speedmaster Professional Moon Dial are made of sapphire glass, which allows the wearer to have an excellent visual experience and at the same time appreciate the exquisite 3861 Master Chronometer movement inside. This movement is the sequel to the 1861 movement. Although the structure is similar, the 3861 movement is equipped with 50% new parts, including coaxial escapement and silicon hairspring components. In comparison, the 3861 movement is more accurate, with daily travel time accuracy increased from -1/+10 seconds to 0/+5 seconds, and has excellent 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic performance.

This watch has passed the test of the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and is waterproof to 50 meters. This means that the wearer can enjoy various activities in daily life without worrying about the performance of the watch being affected. Taking all things into consideration, the new Speedmaster Professional Moon Dial White Edition is not only exquisite in appearance design, but also demonstrates the excellent craftsmanship and quality of Omega watchmaking in terms of internal movement and performance.

Watch straps and bracelets

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Dial White Dial model is available in three different models: a stainless steel bracelet model (Model: 310., and a black microperforated leather strap model decorated with red and white stitching (Model: 310.32.42.50 .04.001), and rubber strap model (model: 310. The rubber strap is exactly the same as the one on the “Moonshine Panda” version from a few years ago. It fits the case perfectly and is decorated with a three-dimensional lunar surface pattern on the inside. Both leather and rubber straps have folding clasps. No matter which style you choose, the leather and rubber straps are equipped with folding clasps to ensure comfort and security. These different accessory choices make the Omega Speedmaster series professional moon dial models more diverse, meeting the aesthetic and functional needs of different groups of people.

Get started

The white dial model in the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch family is undoubtedly very popular, and the better news is that it is not a limited edition or a special edition, but is launched as a regular version like the classic black dial model. This means that whether you are buying a Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch for the first time or you are already a loyal fan of this family, you have the opportunity to choose this new product as a new collection.

When worn, the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch White Dial is basically the same as the regular 42mm Moonwatch, except that the white dial will be more eye-catching. Dimensions remain the same, with the same 47.5mm upper and lower lug distance and 13.2mm thickness. The strap version weighs 92.6 grams, while the bracelet version weighs 139.8 grams. The rubber strap version is particularly light and comfortable, making it easy and enjoyable to wear no matter which style you choose. Therefore, the launch of the Speedmaster Professional Moon Dial White Dial provides another ideal choice for watch collectors and fashion enthusiasts, which can not only satisfy their pursuit of classic design, but also add new charm to their collections.

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