Carefully crafted: feel the artistic beauty of the replica RM 07-02 sapphire automatic watch

Over the years, women’s passion for timepieces has grown day by day. They desire a watch that is not only elegant in appearance, but also technical and complex. The Richard Mille brand has always been committed to catering to the needs of this customer group, so the RM 07-02 sapphire automatic watch was born.

The detailed size of this replica watch is 32.90 x 46.75 x 14.35 mm, which not only conforms to the exquisite size of a female watch, but also shows a unique design style and fashionable atmosphere. The RM 07-02 Sapphire Automatic Watch combines feminine technology with elegance, presenting a mysterious and charming charm. The transparent sapphire material adds a divine tone to the watch while maintaining clear visibility of its internal mechanics. This transparency gives a sense of purity, as if you can glimpse the passage of time.

This watch features a sapphire case, which not only protects the precision mechanical structure inside, but also gives the entire watch a mysterious and elegant appearance. The 18K 5N red gold or white gold movement set with hundreds of diamonds is even more so. This watch adds a bit of gorgeousness. The dial is made of mother-of-pearl, jasper or pavé gemstones, perfectly blending classicism and modern style, showing exquisite craftsmanship and design. Its automatic gold movement demonstrates Richard Mille’s superb attainments in technological innovation. This combination makes RM 07-02 a dream watch for female watch lovers. It not only has unique beauty, but also has a high degree of technology and complexity.

The sapphire case is not only a challenge to the craftsmanship, but also a perfect match for the skeletonized movement. The green and blue sapphire versions are in microblasted white gold, while the pink and brown sapphire versions are in 5N red gold, adding unique color and style to the watch. The bottom plate and bridge plate are made of 18K red gold or white gold, and are micro-sandblasted and chamfered by hand to present a detailed surface texture. Decorated and set with hundreds of diamonds, these components demonstrate the aesthetic achievements of the gem-setter’s long-standing craftsmanship. The skeletonized base plate and bridges have undergone individual and extensive verification testing to ensure their superior resistance capabilities and reliability in the operation of the watch.

The replica RM 07-02 self-winding sapphire watch is equipped with caliber CRMA5 movement, which is a hollow self-winding self-made movement that demonstrates Richard Mille’s high pursuit of technology and craftsmanship. This movement measures 29.90 x 22.00 mm, is 5.05 mm thick, and contains 25 jewels. Its balance wheel is made of beryllium copper, equipped with 4 arms and 4 fixing screws, has a moment of inertia of 7.5 mg·cm^2 and a lift angle of 50°, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 Hz). In addition, the movement is equipped with AK3 balance spring, INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 shock protection technology and Rubifix escapement wheel jewel. These precise technical specifications ensure the high accuracy, reliability and stability of the watch, providing the wearer with an excellent time measurement experience. In addition, this movement also has functions such as hours, minutes and a variable geometry rotor, providing the watch with precise time display and reliable performance. In terms of power reserve, the RM 07-02 self-winding sapphire watch has a power reserve of approximately 50 hours, providing the wearer with a long-lasting use experience.

Through this replica RM 07-02 sapphire automatic watch, Richard Mille has shown the world their unique understanding and concern for women’s timepieces, injecting new vitality and innovation into the watch industry.

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