Recommended Breitling replica dress watches – standard or even top-of-the-range watches

Among the nine series of Breitling watches, the vast majority are sports watches or professional watches. However, there is one series that is unique. It not only represents Breitling’s sophistication and elegance, but also witnesses the brand’s transformation from practical tool watches to high-end watches. This special series is Puya.

Today, we launch this replica Breitling Preya formal chronograph full of stories and history. Its genuine history can be traced back to 1943. Once Puruya was launched at that time, it attracted the attention of many watch enthusiasts with its excellent quality and design. For a long time, Preya has been highly regarded as Breitling’s flagship watch, and it was not discontinued until the early 1970s. This rich historical background makes the Preya series occupy a special position in Breitling’s brand history.

Last year, Breitling launched the new Puya series, fine-tuning the design details of 18 models and adding a variety of dial color options, aiming to reinterpret the unique charm of antique Puya for modern aesthetics.

At present, the new Puya series mainly includes two styles: a 40mm manual chronograph equipped with B09 movement; the other is the replica model we launched today – 42mm automatic B01 chronograph. New Puya inherits the classic elements of antique watches in appearance.

The combination of smooth narrow bezel and box-shaped mirror makes the watch more full. The brushing process on the side of the case not only outlines the elegant lug curves, but also visually effectively reduces the heaviness of the case through the design of three horizontal lines and square timing buttons. In addition to the case, the changes in the details of the dial of the watch we are replicating today are also eye-catching.

Compared with the 18 models, the bar time scales have been replaced by three-dimensional digital time scales, and complement each other with the larger, more prominently sunken small dial.

The large luminous syringe pointer not only improves readability, but also adds a retro charm. Although the “Chronometer” observatory English logo at 6 o’clock has changed to a typewriter-style “Chronograph Premier”, don’t worry, this watch still has the observatory certification。

This time we have reproduced five popular dial colors: black, blue, salmon, green and milky coffee. However, when it comes to the most popular dial color for dress watches currently, it is the noble and elegant salmon dial.

The power source of the new replica of Pu Ya – Breitling’s B01 self-produced automatic chronograph movement, is already well known to everyone. The unique vertical clutch mechanism design of this movement is located at the core of the movement and is directly connected to the central chronograph seconds wheel, achieving jitter-free stability of the central chronograph seconds hand during operation while providing users with an excellent button experience. Especially the zeroing operation feels clean, crisp, crisp and without redundancy.

In addition, the B01 movement also has the Swiss Official Observatory certification, a 70-hour power reserve and a 5-year warranty commitment. Although the new Puya B01 movement is similar in appearance to other series of B01 movements, the polishing process has been significantly improved.

Compared with the rough style of other series, the automatic rotor and upper plywood of this B01 are covered with exquisite Geneva stripes, showing extraordinary craftsmanship. Although the new Puya pursues retro and formal style, it also has excellent practical performance while maintaining its elegant style.

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