Replica Rolex 2024 new watch Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watch recommendation

This new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watch demonstrates Rolex’s exquisite craftsmanship and unique style in design. The appearance of each watch highlights the essence of the brand, and each dial has a unique personality and style.

Rolex continues to strive to integrate various precious and rare craftsmanship into the fine details of its watches. The new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 and Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 are also its masterpieces. These watches are cleverly matched in color, material, pattern and hour markers to create a harmonious and beautiful combination.

Whether it is 40 mm or 36 mm in diameter, these watches all display exquisite and elegant dial designs, giving people a unique visual enjoyment. Rolex’s design team continues to work hard to innovate to bring customers more elegant and refined watch works.

This new replica of the Day-Date Type 40 is made of 18K white gold and equipped with a pearlescent white mother-of-pearl dial. This is the first time for a Rolex watch. Pearlescent mother-of-pearl is taken from the precious and high-quality parts of the pearl oyster shell, showing an exquisite and delicate structure. Its irregular texture resembles layers of tiny clouds, creating a deep three-dimensional effect.

Each piece of material used to create the mother-of-pearl dial has been carefully selected to ensure a harmonious and beautiful pattern and a subtle iridescent effect. At the same time, when making this replica watch, the placement angle of the dial was optimized to show excellent luster. This watch is also equipped with 10 square diamonds as hour markers, which makes the mother-of-pearl dial shine even more, adding a gorgeous and luxurious atmosphere.

The new replica Day-Date 36 uses a combination of faceted Roman numerals and faceted hour markers, which was previously only used in the replica Day-Date 40. The dial is made of 18K yellow gold and features a white lacquered dial embellished with smooth and shiny classic geometric hour markers. Each component is individually crafted in a special workshop, undergoes at least seven processes, and is then installed on the dial by experts.

In addition, the 18K eternal rose gold day-date model 36 uses a blue-green dial for the first time and is embellished with 10 square diamonds. This blue-green dial was first launched in 2023 and was first installed on the Sky-Dweller watch. This dial presents an amazing deep three-dimensional texture, and is equipped with an outer ring set with 60 baguette diamonds, which adds to the brilliance.

During the production process, gem setters need to invest a lot of time and patience, carefully adjusting and setting each gemstone by hand. Both the day-date 40 and the day-date 36 are equipped with advanced watchmaking technology.

The 3255 movement used in these replica watches can accurately display hours, minutes, seconds, day of the week and date. Like all Rolex watches, the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 and Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 have obtained the Superlative Chronometer certification, ensuring excellent performance when worn.

The replica day-date 40 and day-date 36 use 40mm and 36mm Oyster cases respectively. The new middle case launched this year is cast from a solid piece of 18K gold, 18K white gold or 18K eternal rose gold to ensure Water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet), it provides optimal protection for the movement and is a model of sturdiness and elegance.

Rolex’s watchmakers use special tools exclusive to the brand to tighten the finely grooved bottom cover to ensure that the case is sealed and only Rolex’s watchmakers can access the movement. The double-buckle winding crown is equipped with a double waterproof system and is fastened to the case. The mirror is made of anti-reflective blue crystal, which is not easy to scratch. There is a small window convex lens at 3 o’clock for easy reading of the date.

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