Now launching the replica HUBLOT BIG BANG INTEGRATED all-in-one “TIME ONLY” watch

HUBLOT Big Bang Integrated “Time Only” watch returns strongly, inheriting the design essence of the first generation Big Bang series watch. The dial is sturdy and durable, and the bracelet is integrated. It is a new interpretation of the Big Bang series 38mm watch that laid a solid foundation for the brand’s success.

The new replica watch adopts an avant-garde and bold iconic design, with a refined size of 38 mm and innovative materials, vividly interpreting Hublot’s “art of fusion” watchmaking concept. With its ingenious design and extraordinary aesthetics, the Big Bang series further consolidates Hublot’s excellent reputation and benchmark status in the field of watchmaking. Today, Hublot adheres to the brand philosophy of “dare to be a pioneer, be unique, and be different”, reproducing new interpretations of classics.

The replica Big Bang Integrated “Time Only” watch fully demonstrates the essence of Hublot’s brand. It inherits all the classic design elements of the Big Bang series: the iconic lug design between the case and bezel, The bezel is decorated with six H-shaped screws, skeletonized hour and minute hands, a seconds hand with the brand’s logo, all even-numbered hour markers from 2 to 12 on the dial, and rubber elements on the crown. However, the new watch is not just a simple stacking of these aesthetic design elements, but while incorporating these elements, it has successfully reduced the case diameter from 40 mm to 38 mm.

Although the 38mm watch is relatively rare among Hublot’s watch works, it is undoubtedly a natural choice to follow the trend of the times. First of all, as early as the 1980s, when the Hublot brand first emerged, this diameter watch had become the mainstream standard in the market. Secondly, the size fits everyone. Precisely because the case diameter of 38 mm to 41 mm can better interpret the elegance of the watch, many outstanding watch collectors will focus on watches within this diameter range when selecting watches. These models are not only favored by watch collectors from different cultural backgrounds, but also suitable for various wrist sizes. Finally, 38 mm is a suitable diameter for a unisex watch. Hublot has always led the watchmaking trend of unisex watches. Currently, all Hublot watch series are not classified by gender. These watches not only meet the different needs of collectors, but crucially, they attract more people’s attention with designs that break traditional gender boundaries.

Six new replica Big Bang Integrated “Time Only” watches are carefully crafted based on neutral and universal design concepts. The case and bracelet of the watch are made of the same material to achieve an integrated design, which is the inspiration for the name of the watch. Among them, two watches are made of frosted titanium metal, with black and blue dials respectively. The other two models are made of rose gold, and the dial color is consistent with the watch made of frosted titanium.

The dial of the replica Big Bang Integrated “Time Only” watch is made of soft ferromagnetic steel. This material can protect the movement from interference from magnetic fields to the greatest extent, thereby ensuring that the timing accuracy of the watch will not be affected. Affected by the external environment. For the first time, the watch is equipped with a new movement-HUB1115 self-winding movement, equipped with a new pendulum bearing and a more powerful mainspring, which can provide about 48 hours of power reserve. Hublot has reinterpreted the overall presentation of the new movement, including satin-finished bridges and anthracite ruthenium metal plating.

The last two new replica watches are made of ceramic materials. The first model uses navy blue color throughout, and the blue dial is ideally consistent with the nautical spirit of Hublot when it was first founded. The second model is the last new timepiece released this time, which is the BIG BANG INTEGRATED all-in-one “TIME ONLY” black magic watch. This design style runs through all Hublot watch series. The black case, bracelet and dial of the new timepiece are all dark black, mysterious and charming. It is worth mentioning that this is the first Big Bang black magic watch with a diameter of 38 mm. Previously, Hublot only equipped a few classic fusion series watches with 38 mm diameter cases.

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