To welcome the arrival of the Lunar New Year in 2024, Cartier has specially launched two stunning timepieces. The first is the Cartier Master Craftsmanship Series Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon Decoration High-end Jewelry Watch, which is inspired by Chinese culture and combines creativity and exquisite craftsmanship to bring a unique fashion atmosphere to the New Year. At the same time, Cartier also launched the Chinese limited edition of the Tank Chinoise watch, unveiling the mystery for the new year and showing excellent design and watchmaking craftsmanship.

Cartier Master Craftsman Series Dragon Decoration High Jewelry Watch

Cartier leads the fashion trend of the 2024 Lunar New Year and launches a new Ronde Louis Cartier dragon-decorated high-end jewelry watch, limited to 30 pieces. Integrating inspiration from Chinese culture, this watch uses enamel and engraving techniques to present an exquisite picture of “the dragon rising to the sea”. The surging waves on the dial are displayed in Cartier’s signature blue and green colors through cloisonné enamel technology, and the waves are outlined by iridescent mother-of-pearl inserts. The image of the dragon is hand-carved in gold with lifelike details, while the eyes are fired in enamel, adding a finishing touch to the overall design. In this process, the enamel process needs to be repeated 25 times, which is an extremely high test for the craftsman’s skills.

In traditional Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes auspiciousness and prosperity, and Cartier has always been inspired by the dragon element. Cartier has been exploring Eastern inspiration since the late 1870s, and this watch continues Cartier’s historical tradition of Chinese-inspired designs. In the 1920s, when the Art Deco style was prevalent, Cartier launched a variety of jewelry and precious utensils with dragons as elements. These works became treasures in the brand’s collection, showing the harmonious fusion of Chinese culture and Cartier style aesthetics.

Cartier Master Craftsmanship Series Ronde Louis Cartier Dragon Decoration High Jewelry Watch

Dial size: 42mm
Case thickness: 8.5mm
Case material: 750/1000 gold
Crown set with a sapphire cabochon
Dial decorated with 750/1000 yellow gold relief dragon pattern and blue and green cloisonné enamel, engraved white mother-of-pearl, semicircular white mother-of-pearl, iridescent mother-of-pearl, teal and gray glossy alligator leather strap
430 MC manual winding mechanical movement refined by Cartier workshops
Numbered and limited to 30 pieces

Cartier Tank Chinoise watch China limited edition

The Tank watch was inspired by Louis Cartier’s conception in 1917 and went on sale in 1919. It is known as a representative work in the history of Cartier and watchmaking. The Tank Chinoise watch made its debut in 1922 and is deeply rooted in Cartier’s infinite reverie about Eastern culture. Its design is inspired by the porticoes of temple architecture, uniquely stacking horizontal shafts above vertical lugs. Characterized by clean lines, precise shapes and a clever contrast of matte and polished textures, it stands out. In 2022, the Tank Chinoise watch will celebrate its 100th anniversary and will be presented in the Cartier Privé series with a new look.

This year, the Chinese limited edition of Tank Chinoise watch opens a new chapter. The case continues the classic silhouette of the watch, incorporates inspiration from traditional Chinese craftsmanship, and is decorated with a new burgundy lacquer. The silver-plated off-white dial shows a delicate embossed texture and is equipped with golden apple-shaped hands. The faceted gold crown is embellished with red jasper, a hue that matches the burgundy color of the case. This watch is equipped with the 430 MC manual winding mechanical movement carefully polished by Cartier workshops.

Cartier Tank Chinoise watch China limited edition

Watch parameters:
Cartier Tank Chinoise watch China limited edition
Case size: 29.2 x 39.49mm
Case thickness: 6.09 mm
Case material: 750/1000 gold, burgundy lacquer
Faceted crown set with a red jasper
Silvered off-white textured dial
Semi-matt black alligator leather strap
430 MC manual winding mechanical movement refined by Cartier workshops

Finally, it is worth mentioning the newly released “Cartier Epic” 2024 New Year’s Edition short film. In the video, Cartier’s iconic cheetah starts from the birthplace of the brand – the boutique No. 13 Rue de la Peace in Paris, crosses the Eurasian continent, passes through the palaces containing rare treasures, and finally arrives in the land of China, where it meets the dragon on the Great Wall. . This short film vividly demonstrates Cartier’s ongoing dialogue and deep friendship with Chinese culture. The narrative style of its images is majestic and intoxicating. Don’t miss it!

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