“Fake classic: Rolex GMT-Master II gold and steel model returns, upgraded to continue its glory”

Among the Rolex series, GMT-Master II has attracted much attention. Its unique color combinations such as “Pepsi circle”, “blue and black circle” and “Sprite circle” have deeply attracted the attention of many watch enthusiasts. At the same time, GMT-Master II also has a gold steel (intergold) model, showing a unique luxury style. However, more than ten years have passed since the launch of the previous generation gold model Ref. 116713ln, and the news of its discontinuation in 2019 has made many people who love this watch regret it. Now that Rolex has launched a new model, let’s take a look at the improvements of this new replica watch.

Upgrade 1: Two-color ceramic word circle

Since 2013, GMT-Master II watches have been equipped with a two-tone ceramic bezel. In order to better highlight the luxurious texture of gold, this time we chose a combination of dark gray and black. Since the two colors are so similar, it takes careful inspection to tell them apart.

Upgrade 2: Gold GMT needle

The GMT hand of the 2006 Ref. 116713ln has attracted much attention for its unique “little green needle” design, which has become its most recognizable feature. However, the new watch does not continue this feature, but instead uses the same gold hands as the earlier model. At the same time, the words “GMT MASTER II” on the dial are also in gold. This reduction in color makes the dial more simple.

Upgrade three: 3285 movement

Like other latest Rolex watches, Ref. 126713grnr uses the latest generation Cal. 3285 self-winding movement. This movement has a series of excellent features, including a 70-hour power reserve, built-in self-designed Paraflex shock absorbers and Chronergy escapement system. Cal.3285 movement has not only passed the certification of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), but also has been certified by the “Superlative Chronometer” led by Rolex, ensuring that the daily error is controlled within plus or minus 2 seconds. Within.

Upgrade 4: Commemorative strap

One of the unique features of this new product is its Jubilee bracelet. In contrast, the previous generation Ref. 116713 used an Oyster bracelet. These two straps have different emphasis on appearance and wearing experience. Rolex usually provides two straps to choose from in styles such as “Pepsi ring” and “blue and black ring”. However, the current new version of the GMT-Master II gold and steel watch is only equipped with a commemorative strap.

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