Fake classic: Rolex’s new generation of formal watches-Perpetual 1908 series M52508-0006 watch

Daytona and Submariner have always been the most popular Rolex models among players. A replica model introduced today is the Rolex formal series, Perpetual 1908.

Replica Rolex’s standard dress watch, Cellini’s replacement

The replica Rolex Perpetual 1908, this new formal watch series, has succeeded the original niche style Cellini. This classic formal watch series was replaced mainly because of its certain limitations in design and movement. In order to meet the diverse needs of the market, Rolex launched the more outstanding Perpetual 1908 series. Compared with Cellini, Perpetual 1908 is thinner in thickness and more superior in performance, providing greater room for future development.

The thickness of this watch is very slim, and it abandons complex functions such as calendar and luminous. It is 39 mm in size and only 9.5 mm in thickness, showing the beauty of simplicity. At the same time, Rolex’s Datejust and Day-Date models have gradually become more sporty, while the Perpetual 1908 sticks to its original intention of being a dress watch.
Although dress watches may lack the distinctive features of sports watches in appearance, their simplicity and elegance are equally eye-catching. This is the case with the Rolex Perpetual 1908. With its slim design and excellent performance, it shows the unique charm of a formal watch.

The outer ring of the replica Perpetual 1980 watch case uses Rolex’s iconic “dog tooth ring”. Although this dog tooth ring is narrower than the datejust and day-date versions, for formal watches, this is Significantly improves its recognition. Similarly, Patek Philippe’s latest model 6119 also uses Paris studs on the bezel to enhance its recognition and luxury. In terms of the case, Perpetual 1908 also adopts the most traditional formal watch treatment method, polishing the entire case.

The replica Perpetual 1908 has two dial options: white dial and black dial. The dial design is very retro, with some characteristics of the Rolex dress watch 6512 from the 1950s. The entire dial adopts a small three-pin layout, and because there is no calendar function, the entire dial appears balanced and harmonious. The hour hand on the dial uses Breguet hands, and the hour markers are three-dimensional bars with 12, 3, and 9 numeral marks. There are orbital scales engraved on the outer ring of the disk. The small seconds dial also uses an orbital scale, and surrounds the Superlative Chronometer certification words on the upper half of the small seconds dial to replicate the style of the antique Rolex 6512. The “little crown” logo under the small seconds dial indicates that this is a Rolex watch equipped with a “new generation” movement.

Taking into account both slimness and performance, Rolex’s new 7140 automatic movement is reproduced

Rolex’s 7140 automatic movement adopts a central four-wheel layout, which is usually used in traditional designs where the second hand is directly mounted. However, since the Perpetual 1908 is a small three-hand watch, its second hand needs to be arranged at the 6 o’clock position, so a rotating wheel is needed to achieve the layout conversion. This passing wheel is connected to the central four-wheel and the seconds wheel at the 6 o’clock position. Through the upper and lower transmission of the passing wheel, the second hand can be correctly arranged at the 6 o’clock position. In order to ensure stable torque for this additional gear transmission system, the seconds wheel at 6 o’clock uses “elastic tooth” technology. This technology is also used in other Rolex movements such as Daytona 4130 and Patek Philippe 26-330. , designed to reduce torque drop in transmission to maintain high-precision operation.

The Rolex 7140 movement uses the Rolex Syloxi silicon hairspring, which is another key technological breakthrough. Although Rolex used a blue niobium hairspring in the previous 31/32 movement, in order to adapt to the ultra-thin design requirements of the Perpetual 1908, it chose a Syloxi silicon hairspring. This is because the blue niobium hairspring will increase the thickness of the movement when the end is wound up, while the Syloxi silicon hairspring can better meet the needs of ultra-thin watches. At the same time, the design of the Syloxi silicon hairspring can also maintain the stability of the center of gravity when the hairspring is running, providing reliable support for the precise operation of the Perpetual 1908.

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, Rolex also uses the same Chronergy skeleton escapement system as the 32 movement on the 7140 movement. This design improves the operating efficiency of the movement and is 15% higher than the traditional lever escapement. The 7140 movement has a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of up to 66 hours. These characteristics allow the 7140 movement to maintain excellent accuracy and long-term power performance while being ultra-thin in design.

And this watch has a transparent bottom design, and the 7140 movement is well displayed. This design is not the first time Rolex has adopted it. It has been used similarly in the Cellini Prince watch, and this year’s platinum ice blue transparent bottom adds to the charm of the transparent bottom watch. The 7140 movement is equipped with an 18K all-gold automatic rotor, which is hollowed out and brushed. The upper plywood is decorated with Geneva stripes, the lower plywood is decorated with pearl patterns, the edges of the plywood are chamfered, and the gem bearing holes are gold-plated. Even in invisible places, the movement The core is also carefully polished. The barrel and winding wheel train are clearly visible, and the spring is also decorated with radial patterns. These exquisite movement decorations not only demonstrate the level of craftsmanship, but also complement and perfectly match the formal style.

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