BIG BANG Soul Jewelry Watch 32mm was grandly released, and HUBLOT made a shocking debut

The perfect blend of jewelry craftsmanship and watchmaking skills, HUBLOT has launched a breathtaking new work. Adhering to the watchmaking concept of “art of fusion”, the brand has carefully created a series of exquisite products full of feminine charm based on innovative design. This new timepiece series is made of platinum, king gold (the watch factory’s own 18K alloy, which has a warmer color than 5N gold) or stainless steel, with a watch diameter of 32 mm. Master gem setters use their exquisite skills to give this series of timepieces a dazzling brilliance.

HUBLOT Big Bang Soul Jewelry Watch is embellished with bright gemstones to flexibly interpret the beauty of time. The exquisite appearance design of the watch symbolizes the feminine temperament and fully demonstrates the brilliant brilliance of magnificent gemstones.

The unique charm of the Big Bang series of watches is perfectly integrated with the exquisite beauty of gemstones, turning this series into a dazzling jewelry masterpiece. The brand calls on consumers not to have to choose between jewelry and watches, but to choose this timepiece that can truly give light to pleasure. Since 2007, Hublot has launched new masterpieces of jewelry and watches every year. It has always adhered to the concept of innovation and continuous breakthroughs, and is committed to creating outstanding watches. The launch of the Big Bang Soul Jewelry Watch (32 mm) vividly demonstrates this concept, while highlighting the profound knowledge and exquisite craftsmanship of Hublot jewelers in gem selection and setting.

The brand has achieved outstanding achievements in the fields of aesthetic design and watchmaking, and has always pursued high precision. This concept runs through the production process of every timepiece. RICARDO GUADALUPE, CEO of HUBLOT, said: “The launch of the Big Bang soul jewelry watch reflects our consistent enthusiasm and pursuit of excellent quality. This series of watches not only It demonstrates Hublot’s outstanding achievements in the fields of aesthetic design and watchmaking, and also reflects our persistent pursuit of the art of watchmaking.”

Blooming with dazzling pure light

The Big Bang Soul stainless steel jewelry watch and the Big Bang Soul King gold jewelry watch are both embellished with 479 brilliant-cut diamonds, with a total weight of 2.1 carats and a total of 27,782 facets. Each diamond shines with dazzling light and complements each other, making the middle layer of the case, bezel and dial seem to play a symphony of light, injecting the willful twinkling of the light of a thousand stars into the wearer’s wrist. HUBLOT adheres to the bold and avant-garde design concept, cleverly combining the pure white beauty of the watch with the brand’s favorite material: lined white or black natural rubber to create a visual feast.

Capture the gorgeous beauty of the rainbow

The Big Bang Soul Rainbow Jewelry Watch shows the mysterious, dreamy and fleeting beauty of the rainbow. This new watch is set with 493 colored gemstones, of which 58 baguette-cut gemstones surround the bezel, condensing colorful iridescence on the wrist. These colored gemstones appear understated and elegant in the white gold version, and even more luxurious in the king gold version. This brilliant color extends from the dial to the strap, interpreting the unique style of excellent aesthetics.

Big Bang Soul Series

The HUBLOT Big Bang soul series cleverly combines the design elements of the Big Bang series of watches with the brand’s unique barrel-shaped case technology. This series of watches adopts a unique “sandwich” case structure, is equipped with a self-winding movement, and is equipped with a folding clasp and a “one-button” quick strap replacement system, realizing the possibility of a variety of different material combinations. It truly embodies Hublot’s “art of fusion” brand concept.

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