The top-level MP series of replica Hublot watches goes beyond the limits and is revealed

We know that HUBLOT is a legend in the modern watch industry. The watch style of this brand not only has the craftsmanship of an old watch factory, but also has an independent watchmaking brand. Hublot watch brand was founded in 1980 and is currently the watch department of LVMH Group. If we understand the brand a little bit, we will find that the replica Hublot brand is quite different from what everyone imagined at the beginning. Looking back at the rise of replica Hublot, it is both unique and rapid. Looking at the watch industry, there are almost no precedents. This also makes everyone more curious about how replica Hublot succeeded.

Watchmaking visionary

Replica Hublot has shown distinctive design thinking since its inception. Some of its first watch models used gold materials and black rubber straps, which was unprecedented at the time and caused a stir in the industry and widespread market attention. Before this, no brand had thought of combining a precious metal watch case with a different material other than a precious metal chain or leather strap. This innovative move allows Hublot to lead the watch industry in trying more diverse watchmaking elements. In 2005, replica Hublot launched its signature work Big Bang based on its pioneering work Classic. The design of this watch is inspired by ship’s portholes, presenting a unique appearance and multi-layered sandwich case structure, further emphasizing the brand’s spirit – The Art Of Fusion. The Big Bang was the cornerstone of replica Hublot’s foothold in the watch industry, and it subsequently launched more watch series.

Committed to improving process strength

In order to improve the level of watchmaking technology and move towards the goal of high degree of self-made, replica Hublot opened two watchmaking factories in Switzerland, in 2009 and 2015 respectively. The brand research and development department is led by Matthias Buttet, a well-known watchmaker in the watch industry who has served well-known brands such as Vacheron Constantin and FRANCK MULLER.

In 2004, he founded BNB Concept, which specializes in the development of complex movements. With replica Hublot’s acquisition of BNB Concept in 2010, Matthias Buttet became the director of Hublot’s research and development department, leading about 30 professionals, including watch technicians, design engineers, micromechanics and chemical engineers, to jointly create innovative ideas for replica Hublot.

Entering the 2010s, with software and hardware facilities and resources in place, replica Hublot launched the stunning MP series in 2011, marking a new chapter in the brand’s watchmaking craftsmanship. The R&D department led by Matthias Buttet encourages team members to be bold in innovation. This open attitude is fully reflected in the works of the MP series over the years. When it comes to the MP series, though everyone may have different impressions of it, the following three major features can be determined:

1. Various styles that challenge the limits of imagination

In replica Hublot’s MP series, the first work MP-01 is the predecessor of the Spirit of Big Bang series. The tonneau shape of this watch feels familiar because its case is specially built for the tonneau movement. This watch uses three barrels to provide 10 days of kinetic energy. This feature has become an important feature of the replica Hublot MP series. In the same year, replica Hublot launched the MP-02 Key of Time, which established a classic image for the series. It broke the traditional case design and had a special mechanism inside to adjust the operating speed of the hands, and it was at a 90-degree angle to the movement. Arranged tourbillons. This unprecedented watch appearance makes people impressed by Hublot’s MP series. Since then, regardless of their functions, members of the MP series have become highlights that cannot be missed in terms of styling.

For example, in the early stages of series development, the MP-05 La Ferrari adopted a streamlined design like a sports car V12 engine; while the mid-term MP-07 used a square shape to carry 9 sets of internal series spring barrels, providing up to 42 days of power. Extra long kinetic energy. MP-09 reinterprets the classic shape of the Big Bang series, creating a three-dimensional turning shape that can accommodate a multi-axis tourbillon in the lower half of the case. In recent years, MP-11, MP-13 have come out one after another. Whenever a new work appears in this series, it always brings unexpected surprises and pushes the design creativity of watches to a new realm.

2.Infinite possibilities for integrating various materials

Before 2016, the case materials of various MP series works were still mainly traditional high-grade metals. Hublot perfectly integrates different materials such as metal and rubber through its ingenious case structure design. However, in 2016, this tradition was broken with the introduction of the MP-05 La Ferrari Sapphire. This watch is the first time replica Hublot uses sapphire crystal to make a three-dimensional and complex case, opening a new chapter for the entire series.

This year , replica Hublot increased its investment in research and development of high-tech materials such as sapphire crystal and ceramics. After the successful launch of the MP-05 La Ferrari Sapphire, the MP series has become more bold and avant-garde in terms of case materials. Colorless or colored sapphire, carbon fiber, colored ceramics, etc. have been gradually introduced into this series. These materials combined with the original unique shapes bring rich changes to the watch. This visual effect is in no way inferior to the creative display of the movement itself. For collectors who pursue uniqueness, the MP series is undoubtedly the first choice to display personal taste. Replica Hublot’s R&D capabilities and material fusion skills are perfectly demonstrated in the MP series. This series of works is not only eye-catching, but also has been leading the innovation trend in the watchmaking industry.

3.Brand-made creative and highly complex movement

One of the reasons why the MP series is so popular among collectors is because of its unique appearance. In addition, the fact that this series can become the brand’s flagship work is also due to the technical level of the latest and most high-end craftsmanship displayed by the replica Hublot brand. As one of the elite watch manufacturers capable of developing top-level minute repeater functions, replica Hublot’s MP series is not just pursuing the development of traditional high-end complex functions. On the contrary, it is pursuing how the brand can show more of its manufacturing excellence in this series.

Represents the attitude of a dreamer. For example, the previously mentioned MP-02 can switch the running speed, the MP-07’s roller display mechanism and the collection of many barrels. In addition, the multi-axis tourbillon is also a highlight of the MP series. These complex functions that subvert tradition not only have special structures and numerous parts, but also many of them are the first craftsmanship achievements in the watch industry. This shows that replica Hublot’s efforts in building watchmaking factories and acquiring high-end complex movement factories in modern times are gradually bearing fruit. Unlike most brands, in order to pursue higher craftsmanship value and self-transcendence, Hublot has always insisted on and continued to innovate, painstakingly developing exclusive movements for each single work, but ultimately achieved the MP series.

The latest masterpiece will be unveiled in 2024

In 2024, the innovative work of replica Hublot’s MP series, the MP-10 double vertical winding tourbillon, will be released. Although in the development process of the MP series, the numbers in the watch names no longer represent the order in which the works were launched, but coincidentally, MP-10 became the tenth work in the series. This new work is completely different from the previous work in the series, showing a completely new look. In addition to its breakthrough in case shape, it also features a roller display, an axis-shaped power reserve display and a unique tilted tourbillon. Its automatic winding mechanism is also unique and eye-catching. The launch of this new work has undoubtedly injected new vitality into Hublot’s MP series and further consolidated its leading position in the field of watchmaking.

This watch is made of titanium and sapphire crystal, and its sci-fi style case is even more unique. The upper, lower and middle layers of the case have been micro-bead blasted, giving it a deep titanium texture. The mirror surface has three bevels, which perfectly match the organic curvature of the titanium metal parts, making the overall shape more harmonious. In addition, the rubber strap of the watch is also a highlight. The one-piece design integrates it with the lines of the case, adding a unique sense of fashion. In order to echo the MP-10 double vertical winding tourbillon, this strap has also been carefully designed. According to the brand, this strap is the most difficult and exquisite one they have ever made. It complements the complex structure of the watch and adds a unique sense of nobility and taste to the wearer.

A black aluminum roller mechanism is installed at the 12 o’clock position of the watch. The hour and minute scales on it are carefully filled with white paint. Through the specially designed “invisible magnifying glass” on the mirror, the time on the watch is clearly visible. Replica Hublot uses green to represent sufficient power and red to represent power that is about to be exhausted. Together with the triangular indicators on the dial, the wearer can intuitively understand the kinetic energy status of the watch.

The MP-10 double vertical winding tourbillon is located near 6 o’clock, and its flying tourbillon frame has an inclination angle of 35 degrees. The tourbillon frame is made of black-plated aluminum. The brand specially added a white lacquer scale in five-second units on the frame, and is equipped with triangular indicators to assist identification. The tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds, forming a novel second display method through the indicators and the scale on the frame. The wearer can not only appreciate the dynamic beauty of the unique curved sapphire mirror and tilting tourbillon, but also obtain real-time seconds information at the same time.

The MP-10 double vertical winding tourbillon is equipped with the HUB9013 automatic movement that Hublot took 5 years to develop. This movement consists of 592 precision parts. Its complexity is far beyond that of ordinary watches, showing extremely high watchmaking skills. Its unique drum style presents a rare display that is eye-catching. The structure of the movement unfolds vertically in a circular fashion. In addition to the innovative design on the dial side, when you turn the watch over to the back, you will find that it does not use the common axis reciprocating automatic disk assembly but has two micro platinum automatic disks cleverly set up on both sides of the movement.

Their movement mode is linear movement in both directions up and down. The movement of the wearer’s wrist during daily activities drives these components to wind the watch. This unique mode of operation complements the futuristic style of the watch’s appearance, perfectly demonstrating Hublot’s innovation and breakthrough in the field of watchmaking.

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